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UNC Publishes Posts on Reporting Deadlines and Requirements, Vaccine Incentives

Written by UNC School of Government professor Kara Millonzi.

UNC School of Government professor and resident ARP expert Kara Millonzi has published two helpful blog posts: One on reporting requirements and deadlines for both metro and non-metro municipalities in North Carolina, and another on whether vaccine incentives are allowed under ARP guidelines.

​Reporting Requirements and Deadlines

As Millonzi notes, according to US Treasury, the guiding principles of the reporting requirements are accountability, transparency, and user-friendliness. To that end, there are three categories of report. Which reports need to be completed depends on the type and size of local government and amount of total ARP funding received. Millonzi's post looks at all three types of report, and the deadlines for each. It serves as a helpful guide for all local governments in North Carolina. Read the entire post here.

Using ARP Funds to Incentivize Employee Vaccination

Many local governments are working not only to encourage vaccination among their citizens, but also among their city or town staff. One question that has frequently come up is, "Can ARP funds be used to incentivize vaccination?" Millonzi writes, "There is broad state law authority for NC counties and municipalities to provide vaccination incentive rewards to current employees as employee fringe benefits... The ARP presents a slightly more complicated analysis." You can read the entire post here.

Both posts have also been linked to on our Resources page, here. All of Millonzi's ARP guidance can be found here.


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