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View Slides and Review Questions: ARP Office Hours from the UNC School of Government

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Each week, ARP experts answer the most pressing and critical ARP questions from our local leaders. This post will be updated after each session with new slides and new questions.

With nearly all cities and towns having now received American Rescue Plan funds from either the federal government or State of North Carolina, the question for many municipalities is now, what can we spend it on?

Kara Millonzi, Professor of Public Law and Government at UNC, aims to answer those questions each week during ARP Office Hours, a free opportunity for leaders to ask specific, complex questions about the eligible uses of ARP funds.

Each week, new questions are asked and answered. We've included images of several of those questions below, and more information can be found in the full slide packages.

More information -- including a Zoom link to the upcoming sessions -- can be found here.

View the slides from all ARP Office Hours on our events page, here.

Submitted questions:


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