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NCLM and the American Rescue Plan: Share Your Need

Note: The below categories are presently under consideration to be added to an official NCLM ARP Service Line. Please complete the linked form below to share your feedback. Official services will be published here once available.

The North Carolina League of Municipalities is prepared to offer a broad menu of American Rescue Plan-related assistance and guidance services. We need your input! Let us know what areas of assistance would be most helpful in your community as we work to provide you with the guidance you need to spend your funds in the most impactful way possible.

If requested by members, the League will identify either League staff or specialists who represent services that towns and cities need guidance and technical assistance on. These services include the following:

  • Cybersecurity Services

  • Grant Writing Services

  • Legal Services

  • ARP Compliance

  • Municipal Accounting Services (MAS)

  • Communication Assistance

More information on each category is included below. 

Please give us an overview of the services you are seeking by completing the form linked below. A League representative will contact you to discuss whether and how the League can help your municipality access these services.

Request Services here: 

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Cybersecurity Services

Assessment of your government’s current cybersecurity preparedness and referral for ways to increase your government’s cybersecurity capabilities, along with the possibility of assistance in funding some of these improvements.

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Grant Writing Services

Assistance with identifying grant sources, preparing successful grant applications, and managing grants received.


Services must be associated with ARPA-funded grant programs or programs that can offer funds supplementing a project made possible through the receipt of SLFRF allocations.


Legal Services

Access to attorneys with expertise in ARPA, federal grant compliance, purchasing regulations under the ARPA legislation, and more.


Attorneys may be able to provide answers to questions in areas such as project eligibility and policies required under ARPA, among others.


ARP Compliance & Technical Assistance

If you are not sure of the service you need, this is the category to submit your request for assistance. 


Communication Assistance

Across North Carolina, cities and towns are turning American Rescue Plan dollars into transformational investment. These are stories to take pride in sharing. It is up to you to spread the word to your citizens, leadership, news outlets, and more. The League can help you do just that. 


Municipal Accounting Services (MAS)

A program from to promote financial capacity and reliability for smaller governments to implement financial software and provide direct access to accounting assistance and training. 

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