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City-by-City Funding

For Nonentitlement Unites (NEUs): The below list represents only the first tranche of American Rescue Plan distributions. An equal amount will be distributed to each recipient in 2022. 

For Metro Cities: The below list represents the full ARP allocation. 

Metro Cities received their funds directly from the U.S. Treasury. Non-entitlement units (NEUs) received their funds through the state of North Carolina. More information can be found on our U.S. Treasury Guidance page


Additional distribution data has been provided by the National League of Cities, here

American Rescue Plan, NEUs, First Tranche
An equal amount will also be distributed in the second tranche, coming 2022. 
American Rescue Plan, Metro Cities, Full Allocations
Half of the below amounts were allocated in 2021; the remaining half to be allocated in 2022
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