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VIDEO: Pre-Contracting Process for N.C. Municipalities

A video series from NCPRO to walk non-CDBG cities through the process of preparing to receive ARP funds.

The below video series provides detailed information for non-entitlement, or non-CDBG cities, on the pre-funding process that will be required in order to receive American Rescue Plan funds. Only 26 cities in North Carolina qualify as CDBG, and thus will not follow this process--that list can be found here.

These instructions match the instructions provided in our May 11 webinar "Accessing American Rescue Plan Funds" held in partnership with NCPRO.

The full list of NCPRO information and resources on the ARP can be found here.

Additionally, the NCPRO pre-funding checklist has been published on our State Guidance page, here.


Part 1

Part 1 of a four-part series details what non-entitled municipalities can do to prepare for contracting with the State to receive Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. Policy Analyst Nate Halubka introduces and explains the NCPRO Pre-Contracting Checklist and how non-entitled municipalities can obtain a DUNS number and register it with

Part 2

In Part 2, Policy Analyst Nate Halubka discusses what non-entitled municipalities should NOT do when preparing and submitting W-9 and Electronic Payment forms. Following these instructions will help non-entitled municipalities ensure they receive funds without delays from forms needing to be resubmitted.

Part 3

Part 3 of this four-part series covers important internal processes that non-entitles municipalities can attend to up front to ensure efficient and accurate receipt of Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. Policy Analyst Nate Halubka explains how the NCPRO Pre-Contracting Checklist can guide non-entitled municipalities in these important processes.

Part 4 (Coming Soon)

The concluding Part 4 of our series details how to submit pre-contracting documents to NCPRO. Policy Analyst Nate Halubka includes tips for navigating the online Smartsheets format.

This video will be shared here once it is published.


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