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U.S. Treasury Publishes Updated FAQs

Updated points of guidance published July 14, 2021

On July 14, U.S. Treasury published newly updated FAQs regarding the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds program of the American Rescue Plan.

This FAQ update includes clarification on a number of points that have been raised by stakeholders, according to a Treasury spokesperson. These include:

  • Identifying constituent entities of government for the purpose of calculating revenue loss

  • Treatment of utility revenue for the purpose of calculating revenue loss

  • Use of funds to support energy or electrification infrastructure that would be used to power new water treatment plans and wastewater systems

  • Use of funds for stormwater management projects, such as a culvert replacement

  • Use of funds for road repairs directly related to eligible water or sewer projects

  • Use of funds to build or upgrade broadband connections to schools and libraries

  • Applicability of the Davis-Bacon Act to eligible infrastructure projects

  • Pooling of funds for regional projects

  • Funding projects with both ARP funds and other sources of funding

  • Use of funds to make loans or other extensions of credit

  • Use of funds for outreach to increase uptake of federal assistance like the Child Tax Credit or federal programs like SNAP

  • [Update to FAQ 10.3] Interest earned on CSFRF/CLFRF funds

The updated document can be viewed in full on our FAQ page.


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