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NCLM Strategic Consulting on American Rescue Plan Funding

Facilitated meetings and discussions to get the best possible outcome for your community, as decided by you, the local leaders.

The American Rescue Plan offers a generational opportunity for cities and towns to both recover from the past year and thrive for years into the future.

With that opportunity are significant responsibilities, broken down broadly into four areas:

  1. Take all necessary steps to receive ARP funds without delay or issue.

  2. Work with your fellow local leaders and community members to decide on the highest priorities for your municipality.

  3. Spend prudently, understanding both the one-time nature of this allotment and the restrictions in place, as set forth by both the U.S. Treasury and State of North Carolina.

  4. Prepare for audit by keeping diligent records and following all necessary accounting procedures.

Step 1 is underway. Now, we’re here to help with Step 2.

The League of Municipalities is offering strategic consulting to help conduct and guide vital ARP funding meetings. Like with other NCLM strategic planning offerings, this service is neither intrusive nor overly technical. Rather, with the help of League experts, this service’s intention is to facilitate discussions where all voices and ideas can be heard. It is designed to get the best possible outcomes for your community, as decided by you, the local leader.

Take advantage of this opportunity now. To get involved, please fill out this informational sheet below (and linked here), and a League representative will contact you shortly.


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