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Gov. Cooper Releases ARP Investment Recommendations

Governor's official proposal on how to spend North Carolina's $5.7 billion distribution

Gov. Roy Cooper released today his recommendations on how to invest North Carolina's $5.7 billion distribution from the American Rescue Plan. Featured prominently are investments in broadband, water and wastewater, and rural transformation grants.

From the recommendations:

"These recommendations are rooted in the principle that these investments should be fast, equitable, and effective. They focus on assisting those families most impacted by the pandemic, upgrading our infrastructure, preparing our workforce, promoting business development and innovation, and positioning government to best serve our people."

Some of the most relevant proposals to local government are below:

Closing the Digital Divide

The recommendation invests $1.2 billion in broadband access and affordability to close the digital divide in North Carolina.

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Investments to Help Communities Grow and Thrive

The recommendation invests $800 million to support clean drinking water and reduce water pollution by fixing North Carolina’s water and wastewater systems. More than a hundred communities in the state have aging water systems they can’t afford to fix, many of which are getting some funds directly from the federal government. North Carolina has a plan to match state and local American Rescue Plan funds to rebuild these systems in a smart, regional way so families can have clean water and these small communities can attract more economic growth. In the recommendations outlined, $440 million is reserved for water, sewer, and stormwater projects for distressed and at-risk water and wastewater units and $360 million is available for all units statewide.

Reconnect the Workforce

The Governor’s recommendation invests $25 million to support people who are disconnected from the workforce and increase their access to education, training, and support needed to obtain quality employment.

Hospitality Industry Business Assistance and Recovery Grants

The Governor’s recommendation invests $350 million to promote economic recovery in the hardest-hit industries across the state through two programs that target restaurants and other food services, accommodations such as hotels, recreation and leisure, and personal services businesses.

View Gov. Cooper's full recommendations here and below.

Download PDF • 2.53MB


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